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Auditorship of colloquies


First, sorry my poor engilsh, I´m Brasilian.

I will like to know, how I can configure WildServer(V3.0.0.1) to auditorship of colloquies of my users. My Boss wants to see the colloquies. Is it possible?

Best regards,


Hi Rodrigo,

on https://server:9091/audit-policy.jsp you can enable Message Auditing (make sure that the max size stays below 2000 MB as Wildfire has a 2 GB file size bug).

If you want to provide more details or to be more specific you may want to post this question in Spanish but some users like me do not understand Spanish.


Oi Rodrigo,

Feel free to post your question in Portuguese if that is easier for you. I can read Portuguese and Thiago can help me in case I’'m missing some words. Thiago is from Brasil too.

As LG said, you can use the audit feature provided in the open source version. However, if you need something more advanced (e.g. searching, browsing chats, etc.) you may want to give a try to the Enterprise version.


– Gato


Thank´s for reply. “Eu acho mais justo postar em Ingles, porém se vcs não entenderem eu escrevo em portugues”.

I configure the adudit message rule to packet message, however when I tru to see this informations(talks) the browse can not show me the corrects informations.


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Are there some utility to see this logs correctly?