Auth against existing mysql table? (phpbb users)

I found the JDBCAuthProvider documentation, but I’‘m not really sure how to set it up to work with a PHPBB users table, or if it’'s even possible. Has anyone done this successfully?

Below is what I have in my wildfire.conf but it’‘s not working. I can only assume that it’'s because the passwords are not stored in plaintext…

How does phpbb store passwords? If it’'s a standard algorithm, we might be able to add that as an option to the JDBCAuthProvider.



I believe it’'s a standard MD5 hash.

Hi Matt,

it seems that phpbb stores a MD5 hash…


I filed JM-704 as a new feature request. It will allow you to authenticate against tables that store the password as MD5 or SHA1 (hex encoded). I’‘m hoping this will allow you to do the integration you’‘re looking forward. I’‘m checking the code into SVN, so you could even test with tomorrow’‘s daily build. I’'d love to get confirmation that it works if you do test.



well, I was using an RPM for RHEL4, but I’'ll certainly checkout the svn repo and take a look! =)

Thanks for such a quick turn-around.

Did anybody have any luck with this in the end? I’'d be eager to have a quick peek at sombodies configs if they had more success than I am at the moment! Cheers.