Authenication from Clients using Spark 2.6.3

I am moving servers that is hosting the OpenFire application, but when I installed in OpenFire on the new server, with LDAP setup and running well. I cannot seem to authenicate it with the clients.

I am able to log into the new server with a client installed on that server without any issues but as soon as it goes accross the network it doesnt connent. I am at a lost and banging my head what might be the problem. I attempted Firewall porting and proxy adjustments but to no avail.


David Lee

I just tried to redeploy the setup, same responds.

I found a hint, it is the Windows Firewall on Windows Server 2008 R2 32bit. Now to figure out what service is blocking the connection…

Solved. If you are having issues you have to also allow openfired.exe and openfire-services.exe on the windows firewall exception list. Once those 2 are listed with the existing openfire.exe it will authenicate normally and connect.