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Authenticate against URL

Hi all,

I am new to Openfire and in order to validate different Chat server implementation, I have a question to you guys that are more familiar with Openfire.

Feature that I am interesting in is regarding authentication of user against some given URL.

E.g. I already have existing web application connected to some DB, intention is to do expose URL (www.example.com/chatserverauth?username=[username]&password=’[salted_passw ord]) which as a result will have different responses in a form of e.g. int value.

0 - auth. success

1 - username doesn’t exists

2 - password doesn’t match


I am not so strict about responses so I am open to any good point on web where I can see different examples how the other XMPP implementations do the authentication based on some URL.

Thank You

Actually I’ve done some more investigation, and found that there is userservice plugin, but actions that user can take against UserServiceServlet is not what I need.

There are following actions:

  • add,

  • delete,

  • enable,

  • disable and

  • update.

But what I really needs is something like check. Is there some other plugin that I can use maybe ?