Authenticate with many users and use one username internally


I’ve been deep in the code of openfire the last five days and trying to get something that at this point looks like something impossible.

My users can use at least two users to authenticate against openfire but my idea it’s that they will use just one username that I created, for now I reached my goal, the users can authenticate and then I use my created username internally but I reach the point that the users can’t see each other on the users lists of the xmpp client.

I know that this sound a bit crazy, but for now we start to think on modified the source code of openfire to reach this goal but I really want to do something more clean, like as I did it until now modifyng the AuthProvider, AuthorizeMapping, AuthorizePolicy and UserProvider.

So my question, it is this possible? if not, there’s any other solution or workaround for my little problem?

I’m preparing a doc to publish if I reach this goal so I think more than one will have this problem because I’ve been looking in the forum and nothing has came up.

Regards! and thanks in advance!