Authentication from external database

I am using openfire 3.6.4 for the first time.I have configured the setup with the embedded database and require a authentication from a external postgres database.

Attached is the openfie.xml and openfire.script,debug.log and openfire.log.

I found no error in error.log.Am able to check the admin console through credential “admin/admin”.But not able to connect from the credential of the external databse user.It giving unauthorizedexception .

Not sure where should I check(or for logs) if its able to connect to external database.

I came to know that jive use combination of password given and creation date for the column passwordhash.Is that effecting the authentcation.

Please help.

Your config looks fine, I assume you’ve read this? ration-guide.html

Is there any error on the Openfire stdout, error.log or warn.log?

Logs go in Windows in:

C:\Program Files\Openfire\logs

Or in Linux:

In /var/log/openfire