Authentication hangs while using Connection Manager

Guys, the following is happening, hope someone can shed some light over here.

1.) One Wildfire server using (AD) LDAP working perfectly, users who connect directly have no problems whatsoever.

2.) One Connection Manager Server running (seperate machine ofcourse) and registered on the Wildfire server above.

3.) No errors or warnings reported on either side, you can see the Connection Manager via admin on Wildfire server.

I go ahead and start up the client, I am using exodus. If I connnect via the connection manager server, I get the Connected message, then the authentication message appears and hangs for ever. appears to be trying to authenticate but cannot. I go ahead and enter the admin of the wildfire server and it shows the client as connected to the connection manager. No error or warning logs at all, plus the debug on either side has not information in what could be happening. Any ideas, I am fresh out of them, as of 10 minutes ago? Thanks in advanceā€¦