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Authentication stops working after a while

Hello everyone.

I got Openfire 3.6.4 running in a windows 2003 Server x64 and SQL Server Database, and all clients running Spark 2.5.8.

Eventually, in the middle of the day, some users can’t log in at first, getting the “Invalid username or Password” error. They may have to try a second or third time to be able to Log in.

Sometimes (preety much once a day, or once a couple of days average), no users can Log in at all, and I gotta restart the Windows Server so that they are able to authenticate again. Even if i Try to restart the service, It gets timed out and does not stop, forcing me to restart the server.

I’m not sure if this is an Openfire or a Spark Issue.

I have around 180 online users average, 250 Top.

I increased java memory from the default 63MB to 512 MB, and it hardly uses to 1/3 of that, so i believe it may not be related to Java lack of memory.

I got the default 25 database connections, and it apparently only uses one.

I have run the Debug, but my limited java knowledgment shows me there was no error message explaining this error.

I looked for answers in the forum, but found no situation quite like this one.

Any ideas on what could be causing this problem?

what is your authentication…Active Directory?..maybe you are having connection issues going to the Active Directory server…be sure the account use are using to connect to the AD server isnt getting locked out.


Thank you for answering.

Yes, I am using AD.

The account is not configured to lock out.

For a test now, I tried to login to a server with the wrong password, on porpouse, for 25 times, then put the correct password right after, and it worked. I checked the account status in the AD server and it was not blocked.

I Have a hand full of web services that use the same User for authentication on another SQLServer and they are working fine.