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Authentication using both LDAP and database?

Fist of all, thanks to the Jive team for this great product.

I’'m testing Jive Messenger for my company. I managed to use external database or LDAP for authentication, but I would like to be able to use BOTH LDAP and database authentication at the same time, i.e. when a user tries to log in, first try to authenticate the user by LDAP, if it fails, try with the database accounts.

I need this functionnality because some of my users accounts can’'t be recorded in the LDAP (kind of “external” users). It could also prevent the admin of loosing access to the console when turning LDAP authentication on.

I’‘d like to know if it’‘s already possible (I didn’'t find anything about that on this forum) or if it could be included in one of the next releases (it should be quite easy to do, both of the mechanisms already exist).

Also, imo, it would be nice if “authorized LDAP users and admins” could be stored in the database instead of being in the XML config file. What do you think about that ?

Thanks for any help/reply.