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Authentication Using Multiple OUs

Hi. I’m testing a newly installed Openfire 4.4.1 on a Windows 10 and MySQL. Authentication is via AD. While it is now working as it should when configured with a specific OU, our AD users are located in different OUs. How can I configure Openfire to look at different OUs? I tried changing the base to the root of the AD but cannot authenticate anymore.
Thanks in advance for any help!

you’ll need to set your base dn to the root of your domain, and then use the search filters to target the OUs.

Thanks Speedy! I managed to change the base DN.
But how do I configure the search filter and where? Sorry I’m completely a basic noob.

I like to use group membership instead of ou, but you’ll need to build a ldap query to do what you like. you can use this as an example