Authentication with Active Directory

Hello Guys,

First of I am new to LDAP/Wildfire. I have installed wildfire on one of our servers and its running fine. Now i have to configure it to work with our active direcotry.

Base DN:dc=mydomain,dc=com

Administrator DN:cn=Directory Admin

Password: myadminpassword

The error I keep on getting is Please check our credentials.

I don’'t know what I am doing wrong.

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make sure you put your username in the following format:



you need to specify a DN as “Administrator DN” and “cn=Directory Admin” is only the first part of a DN. Try it with something like “cn=Directory Admin,ou=persons,dc=mydomain,dc=com”.

You don’'t need to specify an account with administrative privileges for Wildfire as Wildfire only reads the directory. So if you could also use anonymous bind if your AD does allow this.

You may want to try to access AD with Softerra’'s LDAP Browser first and then use the settings for Wildfire.