Authentication with Windows NT domain?

Can OpenFire use Windows NT domain authentication?

Our 100 users of OpenFire/Spark authenticate to a Windows NT domain. Then they have to log in to Spark/OpenFire (we use the embedded database now).

Is there a way to use the Windows NT authentication instead of the embedded database of users?


is this a true nt domain, like nt domain controllers, or are the dc’s 2000 server or above (since nt is no longer supported)? I ask because I don’t know if nt uses ldap. if its 2000 and above you can setup openfire up using ldap. forum search and documentation will help for that.

Yes it is a true NT domain.

I know this seems like a redundant question (it is I guess), but what OS is running on the Domain servers: NT 4, Windows 200, Windows 2003, Windows 2008? If you are in fact running NT 4 there is no LDAP function in its domain services. It would be unlikely that you can get it to work for that reason.

NT4 is running. Sounds like I’m out of luck

I found the attached file online that may help. This was the site I downloaded from:

This site may help you with the file:

As I have a mac I do not know if the file is valid. I also do not know how well it will work. Good luck with your endeavor.

daveharriscbs wrote:NT4 is running. Sounds like I’m out of luck

pretty much. you need to mix some ldap somewhere in there. You could either upgrade a dc or 2 to win2k and promote the domain level up, or do something like this

I have never done that but it seems pretty straightforward. and where ever you see the word redhat feel free to use the word CentOS, since centos is the free equivalant of redhat and works exactly the same.

doing that might be the cheapest and easiest so you don’t break your current domain. after reading it, it sounds very cool and sounds like your best bet and I would be interested how it turned out (if you did it)

I beat you to the punch there. Hehe. Funny how we both pointed him to the same tool.

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