Authentification via http?

hi is there a solution to auth the user over an webservice or script on the other side.

the problem is i dont have direct access to the database, where the jabber server is located. and i want to use authentification over http so that on the other side is an script (php/perl/python/asp what ever) to authentificate the user.

  1. Is that posible ?

  2. How is that posible?

best regards

enrico hofmann

Hi Enrico,

Yes, this is possible. My company did some custom work for a client using a SOAP service to auth users, but you could certainly use any backend you wanted. What you’'ll want to do is write your own UserProvider and AuthProvider classes. A few examples of each are provided with the Wildfire source. For the AuthProvider interface there is DefaultAuthProvider, LdapAuthProvider, NativeAuthProvider and POP3AuthProvider, and for the UserProvider interface there is the DefaultUserProvider and LdapUserProvider.

Hope that helps,


do you have any code exsampe / or an exsample how i can integrate this in to the wildfire server.

i am not java coder

thx gigo

Hi gigo,

The source to all the samples I listed above are part of the Wildfire source. You might want to look at the Wildfire javadocs along with reviewing the suggestions Gato made in yesterday’'s chat.