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Authorization ntlm - connect from a non-domain?

Hello. I ask to help, openfire authorization ntlm, client Spark. Can I somehow @connect from a non-domain?

In my server config - for NTLM

sasl.gssapi.config = /etc/openfire/gss.conf

sasl.gssapi.debug = false

sasl.gssapi.useSubjectCredsOnly = false

sasl.mechs = GSSAPI

sasl.realm = REALM.LOCAL

xmpp.fqdn = openfireserver.realm.local

add PLAIN to sasl.mechs


please keep in mind that there are security concerns related to using PLAIN, and they should be researched before using it to determine if the risk is acceptable to you and your organization.

Good day. Posted by sasl.mechs = GSSAPI, PLAIN. NTLM does not work PLAIN. I ask help