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Auto add contacts


Very new to this and am trying to implement it throughout my company. What would really help is if I could make it so everyone can see everyone else straight off the bat, rather than having to add each contact individually.

Is there a way to get this to happen? Either a plugin or editing the database… btw, I’‘m using the embedded db as that should be able to cope with 30 or so contacts we’'re likely to have.


With the registration plugin, you can make is so that all newly created users get added to a group automatically.

Once the plugin is added, under User / Groups - Registration Properties down at the bottom.

Thats just a first thought.

Hey Nick,

Check out the registration plugin. It can be configured to automactially add new users to a specified group when they sign-up.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks guys, that totally solved my problem. Two hours after finding the software, its rolled out to almost the entire company. Amazing!

Well, i have tested it at least for a month before rollin out

BTW, Ryan and Toetag have adviced you to use the Registration plugin. But i’‘m not sure that you were speaking about newly created users. Are you using Shared Groups? This way you’'ll had to add new user in Admin Console to a preffered group and all other users will see it automaticly.

We are using a postgres database with out Wildfire setup. We already have a database table of existing employees and our own interface to add new employees.

To integrate with Wildfire, and to keep username and passwords in sync, what I did was to write a trigger on our users table, so that when a new user is added, or removed, or a password changed, the trigger automatically makes the needed changes to the jiveusers table.

My question is how do I do the same thing at the database level, so that the trigger can also modify other tables. I have tried making a manual entry into the jivegroupuser table, but this does not do the same thing as adding them in the Admin interface. I am probably missing a couple other tables or steps that need to happen as well.

Is this possible or do I have to use the admin interface?

I have been treating use the registration plugin with LDAP authentication and it dont work, somebody have tested this before