Auto-join chat / buddies?

I tried Googling, but since I’m guessing at terminology…

I need to replace an existing chat server. We have it where upon starting the client, everyone who’s logged on is “buddies” and can see each other. We need to keep that functionality. Can Openfire do that?

john, yes…you can create shared contact groups from the admin panel to accomplish this.

OK, now I’m back to this and have Openfire 3.10.3 running… I’m looking around in the admin interface, but do not see “shared contact groups”. And I don’t want to define a group… I want everyone who logs in, including brand-new users, to all see each other. In ejabberd it’s called a “shared roster”, and searching on that term leads to a lot of confusing back-and-forth with people who seem to have some pretty complicated setups.

What, exactly, do I need to do to have all logged-in users visible to each other with no action on their part?

The simplest way to achieve that in Openfire is to put all users into a group, then go to this group’s settings, check the “Enable contact list group sharing”, enter the name, click Save Contact List Settings. This way all the members of that group will see everyone from this group in their roster (in a group with that name). There is no option to do this without groups. You can also use Registration plugin to automatically put new users in a selected group once they are created/registered, if you don’t want them to add to a group manually. When using LDAP you will have to create a group on LDAP server and put all users in it, then you will enable sharing for it the same way as described above. When using more than one group you have additionally check the “Share with additional users” and select either All users or select some groups you wish to share that group to.

I’m authenticating against LDAP. I created a group and added users to it (in LDAP), but in Openfire it says there are no members and to add them with “the form above”, but I have no idea what “the form” is

Will wait for speedy to chime in on this as i don’t use LDAP myself and don’t know how exactly groups should be and what LDAP query is used to import them correctly to Openfire.

running a little slow…been on vacation!

anyway, if openfire is seeing the group, but not the members, than you may have an issue with your search or group filter. you may want to refer to this for AD, but the method will be different for openldap type directories

How to Setup Authentication Groups with LDAP/AD

No worries, I really appreciate the help!

So, you talk about “Domain Local Security Group” and “regular security groups”. Is there some need to have groups within groups? That sounds like AD-speak, and if there’s some special property about them, I don’t know how to recreate that in OpenLDAP.

I added the ldap.groupSearchFilter property, which sounds really useful, but it made my Group Summary empty. I suspect that’s maybe because the filter refers to objectClass=groups while in phpLDAPadmin the “groups” group is referred to as ‘cn=groups’… another AD-ism?


ldap.searchfilter(&(objectclass=organizationalPerson)(|(memberOf:1.2.840.113556. 1.4.1941:=CN=Openfire Access Group,CN=Users,DC=AD-DOMAIN,DC=local))(!(userAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4. 803:=2)))

I have no idea whatsoever what that’s trying to accomplish. It’s obviously very AD-centric. I have no idea how to map that to my plain OpenLDAP hierarchy. The verbiage underneath suggests that I don’t need it, my environment is as simple as possible… all users should be able to see each other. No groups, no restrictions, no except-whens or only-ifs.

Anyway, I saw that my objectClass is ‘posixGroup’ so I changed that, and can now see that one group (yay!). But Openfire still says it has no members and prompts me to use “the form above” to add them, and I don’t see anything resembling a “form” to add users.

Yes, it’s ad centric. I’m at the airport now trying to get home, so I can’t offer much more help now! I’ll try to fire up my test Linux openldap box tomorrow to see if I can be of more help now that I know you’re not using AD.

You rock :slight_smile:

ugg…we’ll, it looks like I deleted my test linux VM. I’ll have to recreate another one…which may be a while. Work is going to be crazy busy for me over the next few weeks. Sorry I can’t much more help on this right now.

Hi John Oliver,

I think I had the same issue and here is my solution to autopopulate jabberclient with users when using LDAP for openfire.

Share users from ldap groups in IM client automatically

So, your issue sounds like you have a bunch of groups, and you want all of your users to see all of these groups?I don’t want any “groups”.

Mine is kind of the opposite, I don’t want any groups. I want all users to see all other users, period.

Right now, if I manually “add a buddy”, and they “authorize” me, I can see and chat with them. I need to not have that… everyone should always be buddies with everyone.

Okay got it. Sorry I couldn’t help you.

Good luck finding the answer.

Well, we found our answer. Someone smarter than me changed or added an ldap.Searchfilter and it works now. I’m not really certain of the exact delta, if I can get him to isolate his magic I’ll post.