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Auto login allows Domain change

I currently use a GPO to run a script to create the spark.properties file, and at the end of the script it launches Spark. (I believe this was a script provided by Speedy a couple of years back). The issue I’ve had is that Spark will launch after a delay, and occasionally it will launch as the user is typing their credentials for another site/program, causing them to overwrite the Domain field.

I just rebuild a new ‘Branded’ build of Spark for deployment. While adding the paths for the images, I noticed that I could enter the hostname - and this makes it where when Spark launches, the Domain field is populated and greyed out. This can possibly resolve my issue.

However, once I enable Auto Login - either I manually check the box, or add the “autoLoginEnabled=true” into Spark.properties - the Domain Field becomes editable again.

Any suggestions on how to avoid this?

Have no suggestions. Can only confirm and file this as https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-2073
Can’t say who and when will fix that as there are no developers working on Spark.