Auto Login with MD5


I’ve got Openfire integrated with an external database.

The properties are set correctly to autologin.

I’m using PHP to set the user name and password for it to login.

My problem is that I only have the MD5 hash available to use as the password.

Is there any way to get SparkWeb to use the MD5 instead of the plaintext password?

It works fine if I set the password in plain text but the MD5 is the only thing stored in the DB.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



No, and thats the whole idea. If you store the MD5 hash of a password you should not be able to determine the original string that generated that hash. Using the MD5 hash AS a plain password makes the system even less secure.

Note: MD5 is known to be cryptographcially weak, and it is now possible with a reasonable ammont of effort to generate a string (not neciccarly the original string) that results in the same MD5. This method is not reasonable for a php login script, however.