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Auto re-login (for multiple locations)

I have users who roam a lot. Sometimes on their PC, sometimes on their notebook. Unfortuantely Spark does a poor job at handling this scenario. Once I login on my notebook, it will kick me off of my desktop (that is expected and good). But when I come back to my desktop it does not auto re-log me back in. Instead it requires that I action on the Spark client to forcibly log in.

My questions:

a) Am I missing some option/setting somewhere that will mitigate this problem?

b) Why does the Spark client not detect user input (as in mouse/keyboard/etc) and use that as a hueristic to determine the user is back at the glass and therefore forcibly login for the user? This can eliminate the ping-ponging I keep reading about in older posts since the user is only interacting with one machine at a time. When the user interacts with the system his intention is fairly clear (he wants to interact on that particular machine) so Spark should auto-forcibly-re-login.

Is this already implemented? If not, what can I do to help implement it?

a) There is no such option.

b) Nobody ever thought or asked for such feature. Spark project doesn’t have active developers at the moment. So, the only way to have this is to propose a patch and then hopefully someone will be able to review and apply it for the next version.