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Auto reconnect


I am in working on xmpp client (desktop) software currently

The thing i want to implement is auto reconnect. So, if connection was closed, system must try to reconnect automaticly (few times) and then notify user with corresponding message and propose them to reconnect.

I found that with Smack i cant do this “transparently”. because when connaction become closed all objects such as Chat, MUC, Roster becomes unusable and i must replace them with new instances when i establish connection. Other way is to wrap XMPPconnection, PackerCollector, PacketReader and PackerWriter to handle IO exceptions. This way is more apricated to me, but API can’'t give me such pleasures.

Is someone already success such task?

What do you thinking on it?

Hey andyglow,

Thanks for the improvement request. Being able to reconnect using the same XMPPConnection has been something we’'ve been discussing. Since we consider this improvement to be very useful we are planning on implementing it in a future release.


– Gato