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I’'m new to Spark, I like it so far, thanks for making it available.

Its only shortcoming in my context is that it doesn’‘t automatically try to reconnect, or at least I haven’'t figured out how to configure it to do so.

Specifically: I move in and out of the environment that contains the Wildfire server, and it would be great if I could configure Spark to attempt to reconnect every five minutes or so, so if I came back into the environment with the Wildfire server after a day or two, it would automatically reconnect me.

Is this currently possible, or is this a reasonable feature request?


Hi Mike,

Yes, this is a very resonable request. In fact, it has already been requested over in the Spark forum and was entered into JIRA as SPARK-14. Feel free to vote for the issue to raise it’'s priority.

Hope that helps,