Auto roster

Is it possible to automatically populate a users roster using ldap or any other means besides making a script to add them into the database?


Absolutely, and it’‘s one of the best Wildfire features. Just create a group and then mark it as a shared group (you’‘ll see a couple of options). If you’‘re using LDAP, you can pull the groups from LDAP. As you change the group, users’’ rosters will be automatically updated.



How do I pull the group from LDAP? I have the ldap group already name JabberUsers from our Jabber server. I had to write a script to update out database daily with new usernames. I have searched but haven’'t found the documentation on this?


Please check out the LDAP integration guide that’'s part of the Wildfire documentation.



Yeah I actually have before posting the question. No where in the included ldap-guide.html does it show you the syntax (which I found elsewhere):

But Im still having issues pulling the groups. Probably because it is Active directory im using not ldap. I cant seem to find the corrent syntax. Does anyone have this working under AD?

Actually, the group fields are definitely in there. Check out the Group Settings sub-section in the Configuration section. Hopefully the descriptions of those fields will help you find the right values for your setup.



I can seem to get this to work in 3.1.0 beta2.

I’'ve created a group, and put all my users into it.

I’'ve shared that Group with all Users.

Do I have to add that group now as a contact on the client (I’'m using PSI)?

What I want is way to keep users Rosters automatically in sync with all the users on my Wildfire server, so they don’'t have add everyone.