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Auto Set A Contact''s Name In The Roster

I was testing out the shared groups feature on Wildfire, and it’‘s really going to help my organization accomplish what we want to do as far as displaying default, relevant contacts in a particular user’'s roster. We are going to have something like 45 unique groups to handle a possible 1000+ users.

Another feature that is invaluable to us is how contact’‘s in a shared roster group are automatically displayed on the roster list using their nickname instead of their jabber ID. This is so helpful because we have jabber ID’'s that look something like this: 1a2b3c@foo.bar

I wanted to find out how Wildfire was accomplishing this so I looked through the code, and I believe line 113 - 115 in Roster.java is to blame (so to speak ):

String nickname = getContactNickname(jid);

RosterItem item = new RosterItem(jid, RosterItem.SUB_TO, RosterItem.ASK_NONE, RosterItem.RECV_NONE, nickname , null);


Now my question is, is it possible for Wildfire to auto set the contact’‘s name based on what’'s set in the admin console when a user adds a regular contact to their roster?

I tried looking through the rest of the code in Roster.java, and it isn’'t really apparent to me where this could be implemented (if at all).