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Auto-subscription to "both"?


I have to make Jive to work in a special way: All users should be able to chat with any other by default, instead of having to request subscription. They should also be able to remove default subscriptions from any other user.

I understand I should set the subscription type to “both” by default for each user. Any idea on how to do this?


Hey denisjl,

In order to exchange messages it is not necessary to have presence subscription between users. As long as a user knows the JID of the other user they should be able to have a chat. In a future version we will add support for blocking users.

Have you looked at the shared groups functionality? You may want to create a public group and add all the users in your system to that group. This way, every user will have in his/her roster the rest of the users. Thus, making easier for users to locate and chat with other users.


– Gato


You’‘re right, I’'ve RTFMed too fast and mixed presence subscription with users blocking.

I’'ll look at the shared groups, it sounds also promising.

Thanks for your help.

I’‘m using the shared groups functionality as you mention - this is indeed very nice. The issue is that if the users don’‘t exchange presence subscriptions they never know if each other is online. They have to “show offline users” in order to find the group members. Is it possible to auto-subscribe folks who are pulled in from AD and are already part of an AD group? Since this is an internal company server there won’‘t be any accounts added that aren’'t pulled from AD. Hence, all accounts are valid and should see all AD users / groups.



I have the same requirement. Is there any way to default the presence subscription to both for all users?