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Autofill Roster

I’m trying to setup Openfire for my organization. I’m not going to use LDAP, i’ll set up each account since we’re pretty small.

I plan on using Pidgin as the client. What I’m trying to do is make the accounts, then add users to each user’s roster via the admin console, but when I log in with an account, the users that I added to their roster via the admin console do not show up on their contacts list.

How can I set it up so when a user logs on, their contact list is already populated?

The easiest method would probably be to create a group and add all the users to it. Share this group with everyone. You also may want to install the Subscription plugin. Then adjust the subscription properties to allow all. This will eliminate the requirement of users needing approval from other users to add them to their roster.

Hi mspear,

You appear to be creating what is known as “Shared Rosters”. When you setup the group, did you also click “Enable contact list group sharing” and then save that setting?