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Autoload conference on start

Hi there

I am wondering if there is way to configure spark to automagically load a conference when it starts up?

Thank you for your help

Bookmark the room, then right click the bookmark and select Join on Startup.

If you want to configure this from the server so that there is no user interaction, go to the Clinet Control Tab in the Openfire Server and select “Group Chat Bookmarks” and create the Group Chat book mark if you haven’t already and check the auto join box when either editing the bookmark or setting it up. The specified users or Groups will automatically be added to the room at start-up of the Spark Client.

I tried that, but when I start Spark up, I get the error of “No Response from the server”.

I can still connect to the conference manually.

Thanks for your help

Hi there

I don’t see a “Client Control” tab. Which main section is this under?

I am running Openfire 3.6.4

Thanks for your help

Works for me. Something wrong is with your connection maybe. Is this room on your server’s conference service or maybe it is on a remote server?

Client Management tab appears when you install Client Control plugin on the server.

You will need to have the client control plugin installed on your server. You can download and install it from the plugins section on the top menu of your Openfire Server.

Thanks for the help wroot!

I got it to work using the Client Managment tab

I have more questions, but I’ll make another thread!

Thanks again!