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Automated setup during install?

currently after installing and starting openfire, you must go to the admin console and setup things such as language and database connection via a web browser.

is it possible to define an xml configuration file so that after starting openfire it is ready to use immediately?




I believe all you need to do is to create a valid openfire.xml file and copy that into the conf/ folder before startup.


What is the list of minimum settings which are required to be set in order to allow instant access after installation?

(iow: language, database, admin user, etc)

bump, still looking for an answer for this.

  1. Make a fresh openfire installation.

  2. backup …/conf/openfire.xml

  3. run setup via browser

  4. compare changed openfire.xml with your backup


You can skip the setup by copy an valid openfire.xml into conf directory. But this will only work, if your database was already in use by another openfire installation. (E.g. the admin user is created during setup)


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i’'ve done that already, but the only bit that gets added to the xml file is the setup=true node and the db type selection. (embedded vs whatever)

starting off with that causes problems b/c the database is blank. what about this?

1 setup a normal installation by hand.

2 copy openfire.xml for later

3 copy whatever database files were created/written to for later (which files? fill me in here)

4 delete everything and copy my saved files to a fresh installation.

thanks for the input.

starting off with that causes problems b/c the database is blank. what about this?

You have to prepare your database, see Database Installation Guide. Additionally you have to create an admin account, because this will normally done by setup.

In my opinion your steps 1-4 should work, if your database is prepared like described. But I am not sure I have ever tried this…


for the database, i’'m using the embedded one currently.

what files do i need to copy from a pre-setup installation to bootstrap it? everything in the openfire directory relating to the db seems to either be log or setup files. (.log/.sql/etc)

is it the lib/hsqldb.jar file?


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is it the lib/hsqldb.jar file?

No, this is just the library which provides support for the embedded database.

Sorry, can’'t help you, I have never uses the embedded database.