Automatic authentication impossible


I’ve configured an Openfire 3.6.4 with an Active Directory on a Windows 2003 Server R2. I’ve chosen the last build of Pandion as client for its auth possibilities. The manual connection with my Active Directory’s login/password is possible and works great. Though, I would like to connect users automatically with SSO (and it seems quite a mess).

I followed many documents, including this one :, but automatic AD authentication seems impossible. I also used the “openfire-sasl-sspi.v7.2” plugin, didn’t work either.

Actually, it doesn’t even work with other clients (Spark, Exodus)… So I don’t know what to do right now to make it work.



Give this a try!!!

Log into admin console

click system properties

scroll down to item named: -> sasl.mechs


Restart openfire service and try login using integrated windows authentication and let us know how that goes !

Good luck

I changed the order but authentication still doesn’t work. I put in attachment files that I use for Openfire configuration. My server name is “serveurmi” and my domain “mess.lan”. (336 Bytes) (313 Bytes)
openfire.xml (1848 Bytes)
openfire-patch.xml (840 Bytes)

Someone to help me?

Any luck?