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Automatic buddy list - using ldap

Greetings… Okay, I’ve been trying a few things and can’t seem to get what I want:

Is there a way to automatically have all of the users on the server on each user’s friend list? Would this automatically add and remove users as I remove them from the AD group that enables IM Access?

I have been trying to mess around with the subscription and the registration plugins, bu they don’t seem to do it…

Possibly related issues? ::

Users show all users member of my IMUsers group.

Groups show all users in the proper domain search as separate groups.

–This is because when I point to the LDAP for the IMUsers group, I get nothing, when I point to the LDAP for all of the company users and just have a filter for members of the IMUsers group, it automatically populates users correctly…

I’ve also tried creating rosters, but I don’t think I fully understand the roster function - I add all users to a roster: JID-IMUsers nickname: (Company) grou (company) and even after restarting the openfire service can’t get users to auto populate.

Thank you for your time.

Also, how can I set it so that the members are added without being pending.

This doc will assist in automatic roster population: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1619

Openfire will honor AD group additions and deletions, but it may take some time for the changes to sync.

In short create your groups in LDAP then share them in openfire.

Look at the subscription plugin for modification of the way subscription requests are handled.

I am sorry, before I even saw the answer I figured it out…

Here’s what I changed… I moved the filter group to the same location where all of the usernames are stored in the AD (it’s not how I like it to be organized, but it works.)

After that, it works how I want with automatic roster population.

Thank you very much!

Is there a configuration location I can look at to find out how often the server reads LDAP to update user permission / roster etc? Would I be correct in assuming that when looking at that configuration I can modify it if it is too slow (although I doubt it is, since daily updating should be often enough)?

Again, thank you for your assistance.