Automatic configuration of OpenFire after installation

Hi there we use Openfire in our application suite, and I am wondering if you can provide me with hints/information/etc on how to automaticly configure openfire after instalaltion, I mean at the moment, after having installed openfire I need to surf to http://localhost:9090/ and do the initial configuration.

now, I have done a “diff” between a freshly installed openfire and one configured and found the following that I need to change…


Tag connectionProdvider , tag setup and tag database needs to be properly configured, this is no problem.


when is this file created?

Can I skip the creation of this file?

Will it be created in restart of application?

Is there some “calls” I can make to create this file?

Should I just copy the default file in here?


This file is no problem.

resources/security/keystore and resources/security/keystore

What are these files? I guess they have something todo with https support, but I’m not sure…

How do I create these files?

I have also noticed that in my Database the table ofUsers now contain an user, what type of pasword hashing algorith is used? (sinc eI probably need to add this user myself) ore thare other tables that needs to be filled?

is ther any other way to configure openfire then doing evberything manually as described/asked for above, or the web interface?

Thanks in advance for any hints/information regarding this…