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Automatic installation

HI all,

Here is my configuration :

-openfire on linux debian

-spark on windowx XP/vista (LDAP)

-win2003 domain controler (LDAP)

I’‘m wondering if it’'s possible to automatically install/update Spark on each computers ?

login script wont work, because regular users are not allowed to install programs.

Is there a way to do this with the MSI package ?

Thanks a lot, spark is a very good product, i use it for 1 year now and it rocks !

You need to setup a group policy that will allow for the install of the spark msi. Be warned it takes a while as it is a large file. The policy should be applied to the computer. As for the preferences, you need to create a batch file that will copy the spark folder to the root of the users folder as they login. This can also be done as a policy but must be done as a user policy.

See some of my posted questions regarding SSO to see solutions for using single sign on with windows computers. This is beneficial if you force users to change their password periodically.