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Automatic Login Fails

We have setup the Wildfire server in a sub-domain, (uk.domain.com) of our top level domain (domain.com) For users in the UK domain automatic login works fine, for other domains, top level and sub-domains (e.g. ir.valtech.com) automatic login fails, but the end user can use the same credentials to login immediately after the automatic failure.

LDAP is set to use port 3268 for global requests, and authentication is working as users can login after the automatic failure.

Any ideas as to why the automatic login fails?

We are having somewhat of a similiar problem… Even though the “Auto Login” checkbox is checked. When a user restarts the computer, spark still does NOT automatically start up ? Any ideas anyone?

Thanks !

We think this has now been resolved by using the latest version of Spark, 2.5

I am using version 2.5.2 and have pushed it out to all my users. The auto login box is currently not working. Seems it works for some and not for others even though the check boxes and settings are the same. I have auto login setup on my machine and assumed it worked because “it works for me” but then started requiring others to use auto login. I soon found that it only worked for some. So, does the beta of Spark address this, or is there something I can change or do to correct this issue?