Automatic Update Broad cast messages

Ever since the release of 3.6.0.a, all my users have been recieving occasional messages about the upgrade being available (as well as a newer version of the search plugin). I do not want my users to get those, however nothing I have found stops it. ‘Check for updates’ is not checked on the clients. I tried installing the Spark Manager plugin as in the past that was mentioned that it could resolve this. They only seem to show up on our spark clients (not our Pandion ones) so I assume it is something client side…

How do I keep those messages from going out?

Only openfire admins will get that message. They will get it each time they login. This is cause by the point update to 3.6.0a. This format is not supported by the notification service. You need to disable this feauter for now.

Excellent - Thank you. Right now I have mostly just pushed it out to admins (looking at moving from Pandion to Spark) - if it is just the admins, that makes sence and were fine with that. Thanks again!

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Hi David,

If you want to disable update notifications in the future, you can simply set the system property “update.notify-admins” to false on the admin console.