Automaticall re-connect on connection loss?

Is there already a request in to include an automated re-connect ability if Spark looses it connection? Right now pops up the main window and asks to “reconnect”. I’‘d rather see that if “auto-login” is enabled it will periodically attempt to reconnect on it’'s own. Say every 5 mins or so.

We know that problem.

This feature will come back in a stable way in the Spark 2 Final version. With release date of after 7 september.

Hope Helped

barata7, are you a developer at Jive?

in this thread you can find that in there was a beta version of auto-reconnect with 45 secs countdown (5 mins is way to much imho, but i just prefer this option to be settable).

and in this thread there is Matt’'s comment on that. Auto-reconnect was removed because it has to be improved.

I said because this issue is already discussed as U show in the other Matt´s thread.

I presume that can be done until next stable release if we could help in the issue.


Thanks guys!

I love how active this group is.