Automatically Add Contacts for Users

Greetings Everyone,

I am BRAND new to Wildfire as I only came upon it today. I was browsing for an IM server that can be used for my company. We are a non-profit, so we try to use as much open-source as we can due to cost.

I have managed to setup Wildfire on my laptop and get Gaim to connect to it. I have also been able to create accounts using Gaim’'s interface and have those test users be able to log in and add eachother to their contact lists.

As I learn more and more I have gotten stuck with two issues.

  1. Is there a way to turn OFF the request that is put through when a user adds another user to their contact list? This way there is no authorizing that needs to happen.

  2. And I suppose the first question becomes redundant with this question. For ease of use for my end users, is there a way to have EVERYONE who has an account on the server be automatically added to everyone’'s contact list? This way they can install, create an account, login and go. I can see it getting annoying quickly for each user to add everyone else to their lists.

And for reference, I am planning on installing Wildfire on a new Ubuntu server using MySQL as the backend. We don’'t use LDAP and have somewhat of an odd Novell setup, so this is a stand-alone server separate from our Novell servers.

Any help or advice is always appreciated, thank you!

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take a look at the Subscription and Registration plugins, either here: or within your server:

http://server:9090/plugin-admin.jsp - there you can install the plugins.


Excellent, thank you for the Subscription link. The Registration plugin doesn’‘t seem to add all users to everyone’'s contact list. HOWEVER, I see that you can have it automatically assign a new user to a Group. Am I to understand that all users in a Group automatically add OTHER Group members to their contact list?

If that is how it would work, my concerns are solved, but I wanted to confirm that. Thank you.

Ahhh!!! I did finally get it to do what I needed.

Yes I see that I needed to have users automatically be added to a group, and then have that group’'s users be automatically added to a “group contact list”… I just sat down with the settings and added like 4 users, and got it working the right way.

Thank you!

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