Automatically add every registered user into each others roster(possible?)


I was wondering if there was a way to programatically add all registered users to one anothers roster.

ie… Small lan and when someone logs into the server and registers a new jid, they are automatically added to all other registered users rosters without the need to accept/invite request through client.

The docs mention the three types of presence subscriptions handling.

  • Automatically accept all presence subscription requests.

  • Automatically reject all presence subscription requests.

  • Process presence subscription requests manually.

Number one seems like what I am looking for.

Also, if anyone has a simple example of registering a new user I would appreciate it.

I have my wifi server set up to:

Users can automatically create new accounts. enabled

Anyone may login to the server. Anonymous enabled

Thanks in advance.!

Hi gforty,

Take a look at the registration plugin, it allows you to specified a shared group that users can automatically be added to when they first register. As for how to register a new user, there used to be a knowledgebase article on how to do this but it doesn’'t appear to be accessible at the moment, so instead take a look at Registering An Account on

Hope that helps,


Hi Gforty,

Subscription plugin can help you.

This plugin automatically add the roster in his friend list.

If User A send a add req. to User B then A is automatically added to B’'s roster list and vice versa.


Jitendra Chittoda