Automatically disable chat history

I am looking to install Spark at my company, but one of the issues that records retention has is with the fact that users can choose whether or not they want to log their conversations with the chat history function. Is there a way to disable this feature? I created a logon script which automatically replaces the file with another one which already has the chat function disabled, but users can still simply go on and switch the feature back on. I need to permanently disable this function. I haven’t found a plugging either that can help with this, but if anyone knows someone who has created one please let me know.

I’ve decided to try and take a stab at creating my own plugin with the very limited knowledge of Java that I have. I’m going to need some help on this but I think I’ve got an idea of how I can make this work. Do plugins have the ability to remove parts of Spark like the chat preferences?

Would it be possible to use the preferencemanager class to remove the ChatPreferencePanel completley? Could I use the removePreference() method using a ChatPreference or Chat PreferencePanel object as a parameter? I don’t mind losing the chat preference, because just for security reasons our company wants to try and limit some of the things users can change.

you are better off downloading the source of spark, editing and compiling.

Okay, I’ll look into that

I’ve been looking at the source code and I think I have an idea of how I can remove the “chat history” option. In the Chat Preference Class would simply setting the isChatHistoryHidden method to always return true work? I haven’t had a chance to compile it, but after looking at it that seemed like the easiest way to prevent users from changing this option.