Automatically remove users from groups if offline for "n" number of hours

Is there a possibility to remove users from all groups if they are “Offline” for “n” number of hours or days?

If you mean ‘groups’ as in the collection of users which can be used for the shared contact list functionality, then no.

If you mean ‘groups’ as in group chats, then yes: you can enable a feature that removes an idle occupant from a chat room after a given amount of minutes:

Thanks. I was referring to “Group Chats”. The option you show above is for “idle” users, but not offline users right? My case is the user has logged out of the session for some days. But still appears as “offline” in the group chats. We see this causing performance issues when loading the chat window to list all users of the group.

This functionality affects occupants of a room only. Occupants are users that are currently in the room (they must be online for that).

I’m assuming that you are referring to users that have registered as a member with the room (or maybe have another type of affiliation with the room). I do not believe that we have clean-up functionality for that.

Functionality-wise, such a feature would seem a bit dodgy to me. You consider users to be in the group after they joined it and until they leave it, unless they’re inactive for a certain amount of time. For the affected users, that must come across as very confusing: sometimes they remain in the room, and sometimes, they’re not. If you have another way to resolve your performance issues, I would suggest having a look at that.

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OK, Thanks for the input