Automatically setting avatar?

With our Wildfire/Spark implementation, we’‘ve had two options. One was to retrieve information from our AD LDAP server and populate it, and the other option was to use avatars (AD LDAP doesn’'t support images).

Since the users will see avatars we opted for that.

We have a share from which the avatar JPEG is downloaded when they first have Spark setup but to configure it still requires user intervention (sure it’‘s just clicking Spark -> Edit my profile -> Avatar and selecting it, but that’'s too much for some of our users).

Is there a way to have the avatar automatically specified in a config file or something?


I’'m not aware of such thing as the avatar is stored in Wildfire.

I wonder whether modifying the vcard within Wildfires database using SQL and a script is more easy.

What’'s the problem if one is not using an avatar?


Well it’‘s hardly a “problem” but it seems rather peculiar that I can configure everything either through LDAP or the config (.properties) files so the users don’'t have to do anything themselves.

Having some users with avatars and some without is just a tad annoying. The location of the avatar file for us will always be in the %userprofile%\Spark directory on a windows machine, and the name of the file will be the person’'s username.

SQL and a script could work. I’‘m familiar enough with SQL that this could succeed, but are there any examples of SQL and scripting that I could check out? I don’'t really know where to start with Wildfire plugin development.


you need the image and encode it to base64. It is recommended to limit the size to 8k and 64x64 or 96x96 pixel² but this is not a must-have. Wildfire should not be running while modifying the entries in the JIVEvCard table. A photo within a vCard does look like

If you decode it you’'ll see “GIF89a…” while Spark did set the type to jpeg, but it works.