Automatically show messages in chat room

Guys, I can not find any sort of documentation how to make Spark either showing chat room window, or otherwise notifying/blinking when chat room receives new message and user has not joined room yet but being allowed to participate in that room (something like in case of groups in MSN).

Do you mean that Spark should notify about new messages in group chat room without joining it? Well, i think this will violate some xmpp standards. There is no such option in Spark and i havent seen such in other jabber clients.

Yea, something like that, its ok when user is actually currently in that room, but when they are not I would expect some sort of opening room chat window and joining user

As i said this is not possible in Spark. I’m not an xmpp standards guru, but i think this is not allowed to be able to monitor a room without being logged in.