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Automating Shared Rosters

Greetings Openfire’'rs,

I am curious about scripts / tips to keep shared rosters sync’'ed between two wildfire servers. The shared rosters consist of users from both servers managed by me. My currently thought out options from gleaning the web and looking at openfire/smack API…

  1. Manually enter the users into the shared rosters on each server’'s admin console. (this is what I am doing now)

  2. Have some sort of script that logs into each server as an admin and then add users to the shared rosters. (I assume this is possible…)

  3. Some better way I am ignorant of?

i should also mention that the servers can only see each other over s2s. Other ports may not be doable.

Any thoughts? I just wanted to pick people minds before I go off attempting to code something