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Available agents on a workgroup

Is there a URL on the chat server that I can access with a program that will tell me whether there are any agents in a particular workgroup available for chatting? Ideally, I’d like to be able to hit a particular URL (passing the workgroup as a parameter?) and get back a simple response (text, XML, etc) that would tell a program if there were any agents available in that workgroup.

You can tell whether there are any agents are not (online/offline) status by hitting the standard webchat icon. Download the fastpath-webchat plugin and test webchat to see this functionality in action.

If you are wanting more advanced functionality, like a list of which agents are available, how many agents are available, etc, you can write a plugin that would provide this functionality.

I know about the fastpath webchat, thats not what i’‘m looking for. I’‘m looking for something were i can write a script and get a current list of users on a certain workgroup. This would be done by bypassing the http interface (since i’'d need to log into the interface).

Is there a .js file that will allow me to grab a snapshot of the current users?

No, you need to write a custom plugin to do that.

ok well what file to i call in order for the plugin to work? Without using a url… but the server address. please look at my original posting.

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I would checkout the plugin guide here :

http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/plugin-d ev-guide.html

I’'m not sure what you mean by server address vs url. If you just to want to be able to hit a plugin jsp file that returns the values you want, you should be able to access it by ip or url.



Well what i want to bypass is the login on the url (9090), so basically i’'ll write a script that will hit the server to the destination of the jivesoftware plugins, and one of those plugins would send me back a program readable return giving me the current agents online on a workgroup.

Is this possible? if so what plugin would i call? and if its via ip address… how would i bypass the admin login?

btw i’'m not trying to write an additional plugin, just simply a program on a different server that will connect to the jiveserver and get me the agents list.

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You will need to write a custom plugin to do what you want. Not all plugins require a admin login see the presence plugin and the webchat plugin for examples of plugins that don’'t require an admin login. The presence plugin does almost what you want but does not query fastpath.



The isAvailable action appears to be defined in the http://svn.igniterealtime.org/svn/repos/fastpath/webchat/trunk/src/java/org/jive software/webchat/actions/WorkgroupStatus.java file.

We want to find out how often certain of our Fastpath groups are online/available. Does anybody have any idea how we would find that?