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Available plugins

does anyone has the tutorial about plugins???

What do you mean? How to use them, or install them or crete them?

all of them,install,create,function…maybe the tutorial should be on .docx or .pdf format


This sparkplug is 2.0.7 and is very outdated.

efendi liu, install - just drop a jar file into C:\program files\Spark\plugins or into c:\users\user\appdata\roaming\spark\plugins.

function - no tutorials, just install, try and find out yourself. They are not so complex to find out what they do.

create - take Spark’s source code, take one of the plugins and dig into its code.

wroot ,i got error again…

it displayed on group chat “Received a forbidden error from the server”

Stop putting all of your problems into same thread. We are not working for you…