Available status translation problem


I’ve upgraded now from 2.5.8 to 2.6.3 Spark version. I’m using the Brazilian Portuguese language and could note that the “Available” status showed next to the login name is not being translated anymore, all other status are translated. It was OK with 2.5.8 version.

I’ve checked the spark_i18n.properties and the spark_i18n.properties_pt_BR and this word has been translated there. I’ve tried also to change to other Spark languages to confirm and really this status is being showed only in Englsh.

Could someone else to confirme that? If so, maybe some developer could include this as an issue.

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Nobody else could notice this problem? Or maybe there are no developers here to confirm it and open an issue.

There is no Available status anymore since the 2.6.x versions. It has been changed to Online. I see in the pt-br translation file, that the translation for the “status.online” has “online” value. It simply needs to be translated, as many other strings in that translation. You can add a translation for it here, and i will update this file and add it to the issue tracker. But it would be better for someone to update that file completely. There are lots of older strings not translated, not speaking about the new ones.

Maybe I did not explain very well what I´m talking about.

I’ve tried to upload an image here to show exactly the item not translated but got a permission error from the Web Site.

I’ve completed also the pt-br with all the entries but the item with problem is the “available” not the “status.online”

Please see the image at the following link and you´ll see the problem: http://www.htmeletronica.com.br/spark_image.jpg

The case is i think, that Spark is not always showing the built-in translation of the status. It only shows is if no status text is attached to the status. But some clients do attach it even to standard statuses like Available. In that case Spark will show their text. So. What client do your contacts use? This “Available” is attached to their Online status and Spark shows that.

All my contacts are using the Spark 2.5.8 version. Do you think that if these clients has been upgraded to the latest Spark version the problem will be solved?

No it won’t. Well, this is a tough one. I tried to explain that here SPARK-1406. I don’t have a perfect solution for that and this won’t be solved anytime soon. What you can do is to upgrade your contacts to 2.6.3 and put your complete translation into their Spark clients. Then their Online status will be translated and will be sent to your Spark and then your Spark will show it in Brasilian. Oh, and they will have to switch to Brasilian GUI also. If you just upgrade them to 2.6.3 they will start showing with “Online” on you roster.