Avatar byte[] max. size Smack

Hi folks,

I got some problems by setting avatar through Vard setAvatar(). I tried to set a profile image with pixel size 256x256 or 180x180. This throws a NoResponseException, only if I set pixel size to maximum 125x125 it works. Is there any specification inside the documentation of smack about the maximum image size (or byte[] length) ? I can´t find something…or iis it a dependance of the xmpp server that will be used? I also searched for similar questions here and in stackoverflow, no success…

greetings omd

Just for everybody who is interested, I go through the documentation of VCard Based Avatars at the XEP-0153 Standard and that are the following requirements for an avatar:

4.6 Image Restrictions

The following rules apply to images:

  1. The image SHOULD use less than eight kilobytes (8k) of data; this restriction is to be enforced by the publishing client.

  2. The image height and width SHOULD be between thirty-two (32) and ninety-six (96) pixels; the recommended size is sixty-four (64) pixels high and sixty-four (64) pixels wide.

  3. The image SHOULD be square.

  4. The image content type [6] SHOULD be image/gif, image/jpeg, or image/png; support for the “image/png” content type is REQUIRED,
    support for the “image/gif” and “image/jpeg” content types is RECOMMENDED, and support for any other content type is OPTIONAL.

  5. The image data MUST conform to the base64Binary datatype [7] and thus be encoded in accordance with Section 6.8 of RFC 2045 [8],

which recommends that base64 data should have lines limited to at most 76 characters in length. However, any whitespace characters

(e.g., ‘\r’ and ‘\n’) MUST be ignored.