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Avatar is stuck

I added an avatar to my profile, but now when I tried to remove it with the Clear button (then clicked Save), the avatar did not go away. When I went back to edit my profile, it was still listed.

I tried exiting the Spark client and starting it back up. The avatar is still showing up on my IM client, but now when I edit my profile, nothing is listed under the avatar tab. Any ideas anyone?

Hi rs,

I was able to partially reproduce your problem, where the avatar will not disappear from the Status Toolbar. However, when I exit and come back in, it is no longer there.


In my case it never desappeared, this is, I cannot remove the avatar, regarless I click the clear button or restart spark


Which version of Spark are you using? This should be fixed in the 1.1.1.



I’'m using 1.1.1, I guess the problem is my avatar image has no extensión. coudl that be a problem?

BTW it did disapeared but after I restarted my PC (in fact it was a blackout), very odd!