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Avatar limited to "16k"?... ver 2.5.4

I keep getting this message when trying to pick images from my local file system as an Avatar in my profile:

“The image is too large to use. Please specify an image 16K or smaller.”

This comes up when I pick images that are as small as 4K (JPEG) on my file system. I can pick some images, such as small GIFs that are < 16K. Oddly, I can also pick VERY large images (1024x767 700+K) successfully too.

Can someone shed some light as to what is happening?

What are the constraints? payload size, pixel size, unpacked RAW bitmap size???



I have had the same issue:

Spark Version 2.5.5 but running on Windows Vista - I used the vista cropping tool and a 3rd party resizing program to get the image down to 12k and it wouldnt want to upload on to spark. it was a JPEG so i assumed that it would work fine. Any the original was fine (about 40k) ?:expressionless:

Now im back on XP pro, ive been able to crop and resize and its fine.

Maybe it had something to do with Vista on my end, but I wouldnt of thought so.


I would bet that the software used to make the edits are adding extra data to the images or useing a compression method that spark does not like. I have also experienced this. I foound that the program Paint.net work fairly well at editing images and spark likes the images for avatars.