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Avatar not working on OS X

The Avatat functions appears not to work at all on OS X: I always get the error, that the Avatar may be max. 16k in size (why, btw??).

However, I downscaled a picuter at 14k and it still gets the same error message. I assume, this is due to the stupid Mac resource forks where a preview image is generated and added to the file size, which means, that the actual jpg is below 16k but including the resource fork it is maybe 60 k or something.

but the point is: there is no (easy) way to avoid this on the Mac, hence this feature is not working at all…

Hi Alex,

the maximum size for an avatar is 8 kB - Spark allows 16 kB which is not in sync with the JEPs.

The recommended resolution is square and 64x64 pixel² while 32x32 px² is the minimum and 96x96 px² the maximum allowed resolution. Spark does not check the image resolution yet.

Maybe Derek has a Mac and can check it, and look at http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=19315 and decide whether to create an issue.


Thanks all,

I’'ve filed SPARK-294 to be fixed in the 1.5 timeframe.



Thank you for the information. Just one minor addition:

If you go to Edit|MyProfile|Avatar,

there is actually no information at all. Maybe you could just add this to the help line, that the Avator should be 64x64 and these things…