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Avatars Not Applying For Everyone

I have been dealing with a weird issue since I have deployed Spark to all departments. For whatever reason, a select few employees are not able to upload an avatar to their profile. I have tried different file formats, resizing, and applying from different PCs, but I haven’t had any success. The employees that are able to apply avatars are able to do so without any problem(s) whatsoever. The users who cannot upload an avatar to their profiles are getting the “This server does not support vcards” error message. I have the Client Control plugin installed and avatars are allowed with the options the plugin provides. I also have the "ldap.override.avatar’ property set to true. I do not see either of these being an issue since some (most) users are allowed to apply an avatar to their profile. If I cannot get this to work, I will most likely end up disabling this options altogether. However, I would like all employees to have their company photo as their avatar for identification purposes. Any thoughts and/or ideas?

Also, is there a way to set avatars for the users within Openfire?