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Avatars on LDAP - I hate that I'm so dumb

Warnings - 1 ) I’m a GUI guy but I have version 3.4.5 running “fine” on a UNIX distribution with openfire pulling info from openLDAP

2 ) We have a mixed group of people using Adium and iChat for their chat clients

3 ) My end-users (~50) want to be able to edit or use avatars so we don’t all just see the standard lightbulb

So, normally, my users on their Macs are used to just dragging and dropping their pictures into the little avatar box on their buddy list and being done with it. I recently updated openfire to 3.4.5 with the hopes that i would be able to allow my end-users to do such things but that might have been a pipe dream. One simple question for you guys from a serious n00b: How do I get custom avatars working for my users?!

Thanks so much

figured it out. in the system profile make sure you have this in there:

ldap.override.avatar = true

slam jam bam

I am glad to see that worked for you.

yeah man. thanks. you’re a mad PIMP! =) once i added that second ‘r’ things were groovy. thanks so much for your help.